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With a DISC test, you’ve got just enough information to be dangerous. The 45 minute video lesson on Understand Personality Styles is an in-depth coaching session on how to not just understand your personality style, but others as well. The goal is to “lean in” to the personality style of the team or family member you’re communicating with. So many times, we learn our style and expect everyone to communicate to us in our style. Great communication doesn’t work that way. In the video lesson, Chris will teach you:

  • How to read your DISC test and understand the Natural and Adaptive graphs
  • The differences between mature and immature D, I, S, and C personalities
  • How to be a great leader or team member as a D, I, S, and C
  • How to determine the personality of your customer and make the sale
  • How to prevent conflicts through great communication
  • How to understand personalities styles in their environments
  • How to implement great communication at work and at home

The workbook will guide you through the video lesson and give you the opportunity to participate in the lesson through fill-in-the-blanks as well as take notes. The workbook will become a quick reference guide for you in future communication – look through your completed workbook from time to time and freshen up on the information from the video.

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  1. I’m lovin’ this video! It sheds so much light on tensions in communication.

    When you were going over the personality styles, I was so mesmerized. I watched you teach it before, so I went on YouTube, Googled it, and looked everywhere I knew to look to see if there was some teaching on it that I could bring back to our Team here to help explain that better. I didn’t find anything worthwhile, so when you posted this I already knew I wanted it! :)

    Your illustrations are what make each personality style ‘click’ when I’m watching it, because I immediately can put faces to the personality style you’re illustrating. You nailed it!!

    Ben Lapp

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