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For over a decade my goal has been helping people and businesses to become the strongest and most effective they possibly can. I work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals focusing on business, leadership, teams, personality styles, and life. I do this many ways at Coaching - Either one-on-one with entrepreneurs, leaders, individuals, or with teams to create growth, solve problems, or give direction. LifePlan - Probably the most life changing thing I do by walking a person through a very intense two-day event that discovers their purpose, why they make decisions the way they do, how and why they got to where they are, and how to be the strongest they can possibly be going forward. StratPlan - I take a business and it's leadership through a tough three-day event that delves into the company to find what's holding it back, what are it's greatest opportunities, what are it's greatest risks, what are the most important things it can be focusing on right now, and how can it explode with growth and revenue. Personality Styles - As a personality styles expert, I teach people how to win in business or in family, you have to have high levels of quality communication. In order to get that, you have to understand how you and others give and receive information. Podcasts - On The Chris LoCurto Show and Coffee with Chris I deliver interviews with today's experts, and well as information to grow your business and life. Blog - My goal at is to help you Find The Life & Business You Really Want. I share relevant information on leadership and life to help you become your best. I would love to know if there's anyway I can help you grow.
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